Respirone Nano Av 99 Face Mask 4pcs

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The researchers of University of Peradeniya have produced a  face mask ‘under Nanotechnology’ using pure cotton material which could be washed nearly twenty-eight times. A team of researchers had been working on the product for nearly two years and they had a Memorandum of Understanding with a private enterprise “Sarasavi and Isabella”.

The face mask will be marketed within the next few months. The price of a mask according to the company, which is producing this technological mask, is around Rs. 200. It is said that the washable mask is reusable.
The launching of this mask, which is produced under the trade mark ‘Respirone Nano AV 99’, was done in the presence of Minister of Trade Dr. Banduala Gunawardene, at an event held in Kandy.

‘Respirone Nano AV99’ face mask manufactured by the University of Peradeniya to prevent


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