Beaphar Top 10 – Dog 180Tab

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Beaphar Top 10 – Dog 180Tab

The multivitamin tablets having vital vitamins & minerals which endows the dog with the energy to carry on its daily life happily & healthily. The supplement ensures the essential nutrients are being supplied to the body of your dog. They boost the bone and teeth build-up in dogs undergoing the initial months of their life, along with encouraging a luminous coat and healthy eyes. Grown dogs will be blessed with the stamina & agility for enjoying each day of their lives fully.



Yeasts, Minerals, Molluscs and Crustaceans, various Sugars, Milk and Milk derivatives.

  • Healthy development and growth
  • Maintains good health in older dogs
  • Maintains good luster
  • L – carnitine improves the heart and improves the energy
  • Reduces vitamin deficiency
  • Tastes good


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